Beer is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks and if you drink it occasionally, there are a few things you should know about its history and health effects.

Calories in beer

calories in beer

When you are drinking beers your body processes alcohol first which slows down your body’s fat burning process. Keeping track of the amount of calories you consume through beers or alcohol is important because some drinks have heaps of calories and no nutritional benefits

Health effects

Alcohol is the main active ingredient of beer, and its consumption has different health effects that depend on 4 main factors among other things:

  1. Amount of Beers an individual has drunk
  2. Alcohol percentage
  3. Timespan over which the consumption took place
  4. Amount of food eaten

Health benefits

Moderate consumption of beer can bring the following benefits to your health:

  1. Kidney Stones Prevention –
  2. Heart diseases Prevention –
  3. Protection against Alzheimer’s –
  4. Lower risk of diabetes –