Ergonomic Mouse

What is it?

An ergonomic mouse is one that adapts to the physical characteristics of the person and allows to work in a comfortable and healthy way for long periods of time, contributing to adopt natural postures and to keep the muscles relaxed.

The use of an ergonomic mouse improves comfort, increases performance and prevents the appearance of pathologies such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Are all mice ergonomic?

Not all are designed or designed to adapt to the physical characteristics of people and be used for long periods of time.

For a mouse to be considered ergonomic, it must have a design that contributes to adopt natural (neutral) postures and allows to keep the joints aligned and relaxed muscles.

Who should use an ergonomic mouse?

Everyone using a computer on a regular basis should be using ergonomic devices all, but we especially recommend this sort of product for those who spend long periods of time in front of the computer, more than 4 hours / day, or who present discomfort or pain while using the mouse.


Best Ergonomic Mouse

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How to choose the right ergonomic mouse for you


1. Dimensions

The size of your mouse should be in accordance with the size of the hand, making the fingers coincide on the different buttons without having to extend or flex them.

Avoid using small mice that force “claw hands” and cause muscle tension.

2. Form

It should allow the hand to rest naturally and relaxed on the mouse. The use of excessively flat or bulging mice should be avoided.

Very flat mice do not allow the hand to rest on the mouse. This situation forces to maintain the hand in tension.

Very high mice can raise the hand and misalign the forearm, wrist and hand assembly causing wrist extension.

3. Wireless or Wired Mouse?

It is always preferable without cables since it improves the comfort and the organization of the space. The problem that we find with the mice without cable is the consumption of batteries. Currently, many mice already have a built-in battery that is charged by USB cable to the computer when we do not use it.

4. LED or laser?

Both technologies are fast and accurate and represent a breakthrough compared to the old mice with ball. Of course, if the surface where you use the mouse is glass, lacquered wood or marble, you must use a mouse with laser technology.

Ergonomic Gaming Mouses