There are millions of diet plans that you can work with. Not all of them will manifest results, but some do. There are some that have reached beyond simply “fad” dieting, and you’ll find a lot of people working with them. For instance, the Atkins diet is a powerful solution for weight loss. Developed by a doctor, and utilised by millions, people have found that there are several steps to getting fit with this solution at the helm. In this exploration though the Atkins Diet, you will learn:

  • What Is The Atkins Diet?
  • What Foods Are Used For The Diet?
  • What About Exercise?
  • Cholesterol Concerns With The Atkins Plan
  • How To Get Started With Atkins
  • The Bread Problem

What Is The Atkins Diet?

This diet originally was promoted by Robert Atkins. He developed the solution through focusing on medical research which was published in 1958. What is interesting about it, is that the doctor utilized the paperwork from a study to solve the issue of being overweight, from his own perspective. That being said, the doctor was overweight, and couldn’t find a plan to help him. That’s where the notion of a low carb diet came into being, and the doctor’s plan of action was created.

What Foods Are Used?

The first thing that people think about this plan is a limit on carbohydrates. While this is part of it, it’s not the whole picture. What you need to understand is that the goal of the diet is to create metabolic spikes through converting the stored fat cells within the body, into energy. That can be done through a variety of different ways, but in the case of this lifestyle change, it’s done by limiting certain foods.

The foods that are to be used are “energy” foods. The foods that are used most include low glycemic options. These are non-processed, whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, black rice, and other elements that are not starchy or full of carbohydrates. Refined sugar, and other sugars are abstained from as well, focusing on protein and vegetables more often than not.

Exercise Is Introduced

the-atkins-dietPeople will immediately assume that this diet only concerns itself with diet. But that’s not the case. There are components that are discussed in regards to exercise as well. The doctor cited that one should exercise in moderation alongside the lifestyle change of the foods consumed. Of course, the bigger picture here is to invigorate the metabolic rate. When that’s done, the stored fat cells are burned, and muscle tissue takes the place of fat deposits.

Cholesterol Concerns With Atkins

The Atkins Diet can sometimes get a bad reputation. Many pundits have stated that you could end up with higher cholesterol as a result of this diet. But it’s important to understand that the plan is not meant for you to only have protein and nothing more. The concepts are to have lean meats, but with an overwhelming amount of whole foods, vegetables, and the likes. If one were to only take a part of this plan and run with it, they would not get “balance” which is the key to success with this diet plan.

How To Get Started

The best way to get started with any plan is simple, learn more. You can learn a great deal about this through the original books that Dr. Atkins produced. Or you could find newer updated materials from people that have expounded on the plan. Once you decide that this is right for you, start to slowly remove the carbohydrates that you have in your home, and take your time. Do not just change overnight. You could end up shocking your system and causing a serious issue overall. Take your time, learn the ins and outs of the plan, and then allow your lifestyle change to completely come through in time.

But I Love Bread!

People will immediately assume that they can never eat bread again. That’s not always the case. There are limits in this, but it’s not a complete omission. You’ll find that the low-carb diet does eliminate a great deal of flour rich products, but not all of them. You’ll need to break down the elements a bit further to find out what you can have, and whether or not certain options are going to actually benefit your plan. It’s about balance, here. Remember that.

The Wrap Up

At this point, you should have a basic view of how the Atkins diet could very well change your life forever. It’s important to understand that these elements are definitely worth exploring deeper. Your best recourse, is to take things slow, and allow lifestyle change to take place.