Green coffee beans: Beginner’s guide

In Our Coffee Page we have listed a few different types of beans. Here’s our beginners guide to Green Coffee Beans

What you will learn

● What is green coffee?
● How does the green coffee extract work?
● Is it effective?
● How to use green coffee extract to get maximum benefit?
● What are some words of caution?

Weight is the one thing I am always ready to loose! It is not that easy for me as I don’t particularly enjoy exercise or diet, who does? right! Anyway, I am always on the lookout for all the help I can get. I have tried many so-called ‘weight loss supplements’ but results were, well, let’s say ‘not optimal’. If you catch my drift!

Recently, a friend suggested me to try green coffee bean extract. At first I was like, green coffee? Seriously? But then I did some research and as it turns out, it is one of the most popular weight loss supplement out there! Make your favourite coffee with DeLonghi

I mean it is everywhere. Celebrities are promoting it, dieticians are promoting it, customers can’t stop raving about it, its on the news. So, as curious as I am, I decided to go into the detail of this thingamajig and give it a try.

So, today, I am going to take you through some of my findings. Let’s see whether this thing worth the hype!

What is green coffee bean extract?

Believe it or not, the coffee beans are actually green! I know right?! They turn brown only after roasting. The coffee that you drink comes from the roasted beans.

Coffee beans are very rich in many pharmacologically active compounds like antioxidants and stimulants. The most popular of these substance is caffeine, but you already knew that. The other, less popular chemical substance I coffee beans is a compound called Chlorogenic acid.

While it is the caffeine that may refresh you in the morning, the ingredient responsible for the weight loss is Chlorogenic acid. However, while roasting the beans, most of it is gone.

So, don’t think that drinking several cups of coffee will make you loose weight! Although a sensible amount of coffee can be really good for you.

Anyway, the extract obtained from the green coffee beans is rich in Chlorogenic acid. The green coffee extract also contains some compounds called polyphenols that act as strong antioxidants and may have some beneficial health effects as well.

How does the green coffee extract work?

So, the green coffee extract does contain some pharmacologically active compounds but how does it work to get the flab away?

First and foremost, the potent antioxidant effects of the polyphenols of the green coffee extracts help the body to neutralize the harmful free radicals.

The Chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract helps in controlling weight by a couple of mechanisms. Firstly, it establishes a balance in sugar levels in the body. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose in the blood. Secondly, Chlorogenic acids boosts the liver metabolism that promotes burning of more fat.

Coupled together, these two mechanisms make Chlorogenic acid a great fat buster.

Is it effective?

Well, in a word, it is! There is ample amount of scientific data out there that proves that green coffee extract does reduce body fat and help in weight reduction.

A meta study in the peer reviewed scientific journal Gastroenterology Research and Practice revealed that green coffee extract does promote a weight loss in 5 different studies. A follow up study in the Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal also revealed similar results.

Also, there are thousands of testimonials of people who have used green coffee extracts of it being effective. So, it can be said with a reasonable confidence that the Green coffee extract works!

How to use green coffee extract to get maximum benefit?

The recommended dosage of green coffee extract can vary depending on the amount of Chlorogenic acid present in the extract. Although the extract is generally regarded as safe to use, it is wise to limit the usage to about 120-300 mg Chlorogenic acid.

If you are taking the extract in a capsule form, make sure that you are not exceeding the recommended dosage. It is very important with supplements to stay within the recommended dosage. After all, too much of anything is not good!

The best time to take the green coffee extract is around 30 minutes before each of your meals. There are many varieties of extracts available online to choose from.

Pure green coffee bean extract is one of the best green coffee supplement in the market. It is available in the form of capsules containing 800 mg of the extract per capsule.

If you decide to make the extract yourself, you can do that easily as well. Just take 2 ounces of green coffee beans and add 12 ounces of water to it. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for an additional 15 minutes.

The prepared extract can be stored for a couple of days in the fridge. Drink an ounce of this prepared extract before each meal.

What are some words of caution?

Green coffee beans are pretty harmless. Although there are a couple of things that need to be understood before you start on this supplement.

Firstly, there is some residual caffeine in the extract, if you don’t tolerate caffeine well, may be its not such a great idea to begin popping green coffee extract supplements.

Secondly, there are evidences that Chlorogenic acid can produce a rather strong laxative effect. Some people also have reportedly experienced diarrhea. Expect at least some changes in bowel movements.

Thirdly, some people also may develop an allergic reaction to green coffee beans. So, if you are allergic to coffee, definitely avoid the extract. Also, if you are pregnant or lactating, stay away from green coffee extract.

Wrapping it up

Green coffee bean extract has benefitted many people to control their weight. It helps to control blood glucose level and boosts the metabolism as well.

However, it is also a fact that not many long term studies have been conducted and most of the studies done are sponsored. But the customer reviews peak for themselves and more and more studies are being done that are confirming the potential of the green coffee extract.

When it comes to losing weight, not one supplement is going to do the trick. Long term weight loss can be achieved by modulating diet, including regular exercise routines and making healthy lifestyle choices. Supplements do help but let them work in tandem with other things to get the most out of them.