To lose weight and then keep it off you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle.

You will achieve the best results if you change both the way you eat and the amount of activity you do. While this can be difficult at first, if you are serious about losing weight and are willing to put the effort in you will be surprised at what you can achieve

This article will takes you through a 4 STEPS process that will help you lose at least 5kg of fat in a week or two:

Step 1: Setting a Goal Weight

Often losing 10% of your body weight is enough to make a huge improvement to your health and the way you feel. For example: if you weigh 100kg now, 90kg would be a realistic goal

Aim to lose 5kg every 5-10 weeks (that’s about 0.5kg-1kg per week). This is a healthy rate of weight loss

Step 2: Losing 5kg every 5-10 weeks

Everything we eat contains calories, but some foods have a lot more than others. All physical activity burns calories, but some activities burn more than others. If your body has more calories than needed (by eating too many calories and not burning enough), you store the extra as fat.To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories and burn more every day.

To lose weight, you have to tip the balance so that intake is less than output

Step 3: Healthy Eating

Step 4: Burn Calories

Little movements throughout your day can contribute to weight loss. Change your daily routine to do everything the active way and you’ll be surprised at how many extra calories you burn.

Aim to burn an extra 150 calories or more, by adding an activity to your day. If you do less, you will need to make extra changes to your food intake or accept that you will lose weight more slowly.

Aim for at least 30 minutes extra activity a day.

Specific Actions you can try today to lose 5kgs in a week

Intermittent fasting
Carb back loading –
Exercise –
Go to sleep earlier –
Try Natural Remedies for Weight loss (green tea,Lemon, Honey with Warm Water, etc)
Drink Heaps of Water-