Prescription Glasses Sydney

Tech savvy fitness freaks go online to buy prescription glasses.

It’s great to be a fitness enthusiast. Being one myself, I love my daily dose of fitness and can’t wait to hit the gym and head for my run every morning at Bondi beach! I believe fitness runs in my blood and I simply cannot imagine a day without exercise. Well, that’s life in the eastern suburbs of Sydney! During a run one morning, I bumped into Anand Keswani, the director of


Anand mentioned that Optically retails prescription glasses and sunnies online. Hearing this I was quite intrigued about how customers would choose a pair of glasses online.


When you’re looking at buying sunnies or glasses, there are loads of factors that need to be considered. For some reading this article, it may just be the wide choice of frames, whereas for some others it may be the accuracy of lenses and for some picky and hard to please customers like me, it could be both!


Anand explained that has a range of thousands of frames for men and women. You can get yourself a complete pair of glasses including prescription lenses from just $29. Now, I have worn glasses for a long part of my life but I have always paid in excess of $200 for my glasses! When I got home from my run, I visited and was surprised to see the range of frames and prices. To be honest, I did not need a pair of glasses, but then I never believed that I could get a great pair of prescription sunnies for just about $50.


I browsed through the website and placed an order for a stunning pair of wayfarer sunglasses. The ordering process was simple. I selected my sunglasses, entered my prescription and paid using PayPal. Guess what? Within 11 days of ordering, I had a great pair of sunnies delivered at my door in Bondi.

So what really made the best choice for buying prescription sunglasses?

  • A wide selection of frames and sunnies
  • Accurate prescription lenses
  • A superb virtual-mirror feature that helped me choose my sunnies online.
  • An easy facility to enter the prescription online.

Finally, the prescription sunglasses came packaged in a beautiful faux leather case and box! Next time I need to buy prescription sunglasses or glasses online in Australia, I know where to head to!

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