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In Australian rock climbing environments there are a number of changes: many climbers prefer to climb at home rather than fear the temperament weather outdoors. [0]

The Blue Mountains are the best place to climb near Sydney and offer a wide variety of climbing options for all abilities and ethics. [1]

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The Ledge climbing centre offers state-of-the-art, structured climbing walls in Entreprises and Radwall, as well as routes for one of Australia’s most experienced climbers. [2]

Climbing on rock climbing, which becomes a popular sport globally from necessity in alpine environments, is a challenge for your body and your mental strength. [3]

Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you during your first initiation to indoor climbing. [4]

The best rock climbing places in Australia are Melbourne and Sydney in South-East Australia and Tasmania Island. [5]

More than 200 climbing trails challenge us with regard to all standards of experience and knowledge. [6]

Contact your indoor monkey because the Edge Rock Climbing Centre has a lot to offer for all sizes of Homo sapien. [7]

They have more than 25 upper climbing walls (including child-friendly climbing), 15 leading, six walls, a boulder zone, special training places for mountaineers and two climbing ropes and a climbing ladder, thanks to which you can chase your friends. [8]

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The Blue Mountains are located about 100 km west of Sydney and are often referred to as the best climbing areas in the Sydney area. [9]

You climb inexperienced friendly cliffs under professional guidance from your qualified climbers. [10]

There is the world-famous Sydney opera opera, the world’s largest cinema screen and tons of rock climbing sandstone! [11]

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Our goal is to provide guests with a wonderful climbing experience in rocky buildings – every time! [13]

The area around Blackheath and Mount Victoria is the most popular, offering the highest concentration of high quality climbing in the Blue Mountains. [14]

After our delicious and healthy lunch, you climb the rocks, get to know the technique and various types of movements. [15]

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Customers who rent out our mobile climbing wall in Sydney have insurance, risk assessment and equipment in place. [16]

The area is large and offers everything from single-hull trails to long, multi-sided pistes on all levels. [17]

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The great island of Tasmania, located south of Melbourne, is the cradle of Australia’s most spectacular and best Australian climbing. [18]

With your personal instructor you can learn everything you need to know about climbing: climbing, anchoring systems, equipment, running safety, multi-cable length climbing, climbing, cross-country climbing, sport climbing, rescue techniques, auxiliary climbing, training programs, etc. [19]

With a climbing guide, it will take you to the classic adventurous hills on the Blue Mountains. [20]

In the Cheap is all you will find in our offer: rock climbing, climbing, skiing equipment, relaxation and mountain climbing with such brands as Petzl, Black Diamond and Wild country. [21]

Nowra is a place where sport climbing has flourished in Australia in the 1990s, and nowadays it is one of the largest sports climbing centres in the country. [22]

Z Access Adventures, based in Goulburn NSW, specializes in providing guided tours, training and adventure activities such as abseiling, canyoning, speleology and outdoor climbing. [23]

Welcome to High n Wild Adventures, specialists at Canyoning, Abseiling, Rock Climbing and other adventures at Blue Mountentures in Australia. [24]

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