water footprint

In this article we unpack the concept of Water Footprint and its relevance for aussie consumers

What is it?

According to waterfootprint.orgYour water footprint is the amount of water you consume in your daily life, including the water used to grow the food you eat, to produce the energy you use and for all of the products in your daily life – your books, music, house, car, furniture and the clothes you wear.”

However, siencedirect.com sustainst The Water Footprint is an indicator of direct and indirect water use. The concept has been brought into water management science in order to show the importance of consumption patterns and the global dimensions in good water governance (Hoekstra and Mekonnen, 2012Vanham and Bidoglio, 2013).


There are basically two methods:

  1. Volumetric approach as described by the WF network (WFN)
  2. LCA (life cycle assessment, see e.g. (Hanafiah et al., 2011)) approach (Boulay et al., 2013Vanham and Bidoglio, 2013). 


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