Calisthenics: Science & Eco-friendly Advice

Calisthenics have been around for 1000 of years as a way for men and woman to improve their overall fitness levels. We know it’s hard to know which is workout and exercises with all the information you can find online.

In this article we cover all the things you need to consider before you get started with calisthenics.

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What is Calisthenics?

The official definition of Calisthenics according to is “A training technique that involves any exercises performed using no added weight, and is commonly referred to as body-weight training” In short, it is a form of physical training consisting of a variety of exercises, often rhythmical movements, generally without using equipment. These exercises are intended for body strength and flexibility with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using only one’s body weight for resistance. They are usually conducted in concert with stretches. When performed vigorously and with variety can benefit both muscular and cardiovascular fitness, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination. Groups such as sports teams and military often perform leader-directed group calisthenics as a form of synchronised physical training to increase group cohesion and discipline

Calisthenics in Australia or Australian Calisthenics

Traditionally Australian Calisthenics is a team-based performing art using elements of rhythmic gymnastics and ballet involving dance and musical interpretation. In this article we’ll be exploring the broader concept of Calisthenics and NOT AUSTRALIAN CALISTHENICS calisthenics

Benefits of Calisthenics

1. Improves Overall Fitness Levels: A body weight work out for 3 days a week can improve your overall physical state including weight & cardiovascular response to exercises 2. Weight Loss: A study performed on obese kids doing six different calisthenics exercises three times a  showed that over the course of six months the average child dropped from 45% overweight to 25% 3. Protect Your Heart: According to Science Daily “Weightlifting is good for your heart and it doesn’t take much”

Calisthenics Equipment

Calisthenics Equipment aims to improve notably the resistance, coordination, flexibility and all the muscular tone of the body. This training system uses the user’s own weight promoting the movement of large muscle groups to the detriment of power or strength gain. In this section, we’ll walk you through our list of recommended calisthenics equipment, in the hope that we can help you buy yours. Keep in mind that being able to work out at home can be really time-saving. We recommend you to always use gym wear that is functional and designed to improve your  performance during workouts.

Gym Equipment

1. Power Tower

power tower is a piece of equipment that helps you build your upper body and core muscles strength and power. Power Towers normally have both backrest and forearm rests that form the chair, with vertical handles at the ends of the armrests. Top 3 recommendations:  
What to look for in a power tower
  • solid and sturdy.
  • Check the dimensions to make sure you have enough room to store it.
  • Check online reviews
  • The place you’re going to store it in needs to be perfectly flat
  • Verify its and your weight
Price Range
  • $150 to $250

Home Equipment

1. Pull-Up bar

pull-up Bar is a piece of equipment that helps you build your upper body muscle strength and power. It helps you to perform upper-body compound pulling exercises. Pull-Up Bars normally allow you to perform pulling exercises with multiple grips. Top 3 recommendations: [amazon_link asins=’B0016BNDXI,B0718XZD3M,B001EJMS6K’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’bullecoffeaus-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a6e88ff7-5b15-11e8-90ec-2da31d0516d0′]
What to look for in a power tower
  • Solid and sturdy.
  • Check online reviews
Price Range
  • $15 to $50

Outdoor Equipment

1. Skipping or Jump rope

skipping rope or jump rope is a piece of equipment that helps you burn calories & improve your cardiovascular endurance. Top 3 recommendations: [amazon_link asins=’B06XZLQHL7,B00LGXE5NS,B00ZWFYR98′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’bullecoffeaus-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’77aecd68-5b17-11e8-97ce-d914754c0202′]
What to look for in a power tower
  • Check online reviews
Price Range
  • $10 to $35

Calisthenics Workout Plans and Exercises

Below there is a list of the most popular workouts routines and exercises

Full Body Routines

Full Body Calisthenics Routine for Full Body with Easy Tricks, in this section we are presenting a routine that works the whole body but with the peculiarity of not doing it with typical exercises but with exercises that are considered tricky. Routine:
  • 2×8 push-ups with a slap
  • 2×3 dominated asymmetric + typewriter
  • 2×4 around the world
  • 1 ‘pine (accumulated)
  • 2×5 pistol squat downhill
  • 2×6 funds to elbows
  • 2×4 supine dominated L
  • 2×10 “dragon flag
  • 1 ‘frog (accumulated)
  • 2×4 shotgun pistol squat
45 “breaks between series and exercises – 1 cycle only.
When it says “(accumulated)” it means that you are making attempts and you are adding up the time you have accumulated until you accumulate the minute in this case. For example you make a pine attempt and get 5 seconds, then another 20 seconds, then another 15 seconds … you add up to accumulate a minute. we hope this helps, especially to be aware that Calisthenics training is not going to the park to do 2 or 3 exercises or see if you get the flag and then go home, you have to do set and repetitions, like a standard gym workout.

Lower Body Routines

Here are the 4 best bodyweight exercises you can do to build your lower body muscles (no gym required!)
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Lunges
  • Single Leg Deadlift
  • Calf Raise

Upper Body Routines

Here are the 4 best bodyweight exercises you can do to build your upper body muscles (no gym required!) Push Exercises 
  • Push Ups
  • Dips
Pull Exercises
  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups

Core Routines

Here are the 3 best bodyweight exercises you can do to build your core muscles (no gym required!)
  • Planks
  • Crunches
  • Hip Bridges

Calisthenics For Beginners

If you ever wondered “how to start calisthenics” we have curated a a list of the most popular guides for beginners

Type of Calisthenics Athletes

  • Military
  • Static
  • Flashy
  • Playground
  • Flexible
  • Aesthetic

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