What is eco-friendly fitness?

Exercise is any form of physical activity that helps to promote overall health. Exercise normally increase heart rate and work load on muscles which usually generate a positive impact on humans physical fitness.

Exercise duration differs and vary from person to person. One exercise if suitable for one person could be unsuitable for another due to health conditions.

Exercise Plan:

To find a suitable level of exercise plan for your body, start gently and slowly increase the intensity and the length of time that you exercise for. Exercise should challenge your body and be at a greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity. You can take baby steps for you exercise plan and be patient enough to achieve the desired results.

The more you move, the more you sweat and your hard work pays off at the end. Your aim should be to gradually increase your activity levels over time. As your body adapts to meet the new challenges that you set for it your routine will become easier. When it gets easier it is time to increase the exercise intensity or try something new.

Choose a type of exercise in which you feel comfortable and that’s not much vigorous for you. Always do warm up before exercise then perform your exercise moves and the end do stretching to cool down your body. Do add warm up and cool down sessions in your every exercise plan. Because if you don’t go for cool down it might sores your muscle and fatigue your body and you won’t be able to exercise the next day.