Getting Started with AFL Tipping Competitions

Getting Started with AFL Tipping Competitions

The AFL is one of the most popular sports in Australia. This league attracts a great deal of attention from sports enthusiasts worldwide. A big part of being a fan of the AFL is getting involved in tipping competitions and supporting your favourite teams. People involved in this type of competitions from all over Australia look forward to the 2021 season to get started. 

Looking at websites providing the latest AFL tips & predictions is a great idea to consolidate your research on what’s happening this season and improve your chances to win. With regular updates and match previews, specialised blogs attract a fair amount of buzz online and provide expert tips such as a staking plan, game date, methods, approaches, and advised bets for every betting game.

Most websites get their tips created by expert analysts utilizing a proprietary model that identifies the perfect winning opportunities for its members. These analysts help people prioritise their tips on the biggest opportunities. 

Here are a few things to you should consider when getting involved in Tipping Competitions

1.   Do your research

When it comes to AFL tips & Predictions, it is important to follow trustworthy websites with a well known brand and a good group of analysts, so you’re sure their recommendations are legit and useful. 

These types of websites tend to provide extensive research on each match covering the players, teams, the positions they play in, and their impact on the team’s performance. 

Detailed research needs to be conducted by you before putting your tips in.

2.   Look At the Odds

According to leading gambling expert Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams of the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University, comparisons with actual results show that odds shorter than around 2-1 do tend to be reasonably accurate

Most websites providing odds, tend to work with a sophisticated network of analysts and algorithms that ensure the accuracy of their predictions. Use all those resources to your advantage and identify winning opportunities through the season. 

3.   Find balance between your gut and brain

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine “If you’ve ever “gone with your gut” to make a decision or felt “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous, you’re likely getting signals from an unexpected source: your second brain”

We highly recommend you to see the tips or recommendations made by expert blogs to drive your own conclusions based on your understanding of the game and your gut feeling.