Hemp Protein: Science & Eco-friendly Advice

This article isn’t the biggest list of hemp benefits on the web. Instead, it’s about giving you the most important info you need before you start using Hemp protein on a regular basis. Everything here can – and will – help you make a decision 

It’s been broken down into sections so you can focus on specific part of the article.

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What is hemp protein powder used for?

Is hemp really a complete protein?

General Benefits

hemp protein vs whey protein

What is hemp protein?

The protein content of hemp seeds and it’s made up of the two types of proteins, edestin and albumin.


What is hemp protein powder used for?

  1. As a protein for health conscious people: Hemp protein supplies essential amino acids in both quality and quantity to meet the human body’s basic need.  The main amino acids found in hemp arginine and histidine; long with the sulfur-containing amino acids like methionine and cysteine
  2. To Speed up recovery time and cellular repair: 2/3 of hemp protein is made up of edestin, a plaint protein very similar to the one found in the human body which make ideal to meet the cellular demands for things like DNA repair. Hemp protein also repairs lean body mass  due to its high levels of the branched-chain amino acids.
  3. As a source of healthy fats into your diet: Hemp contains more total fat than any other protein powders and most of the fat comes from essential polyunsaturated fats like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

(NaturalHealth365) The benefits of hemp protein have been widely-known for thousands of years by people throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Health experts love the fact that hemp seeds provide a rich source of gluten-free protein loaded with essential fatty acids and fiber. If you’re looking to cut back on meat consumption, but don’t want to compromise on protein intake – hemp seeds are a smart choice.

Is hemp really a complete protein?

Hemp is not a complete protein. However when you combine it with complementary proteins like like nuts and grains it helps you get all the essential amino acids a complete protein normally offers.

The amino acid ratio of hemp seeds is closer to complete sources of other vegetarian proteins.


Proteins consist of amino acids. Protein sources that provide all nine amino acids that the body cannot make on its own are called complete proteins. Most complete proteins come from animal foods – eggs, meat, fish and dairy.

Incomplete proteins are those that do not have one or more of the essential amino acids. Beans, nuts, peas and grains are examples of incomplete proteins. Hemp, because it has most of the essential amino acids, can be classified as a complete protein.

Hemp Benefits?

In short, protein coming from hemp seeds can:

  • Increase your energy levels and productivity
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improve your immune system
  • 3 tablespoons contains 10 grams of protein and 3000 milligrams of Omega 3 fatty acid in your body is ideal ratio to hemp seeds in many cases can be even healthier than chia seed or flaxseed in a lot of nature of number 1 superfood it something.
  •  3 tablespoons a day of hemp seed has 50% your daily value of magnesium which is important for your immune function


Hemp Protein in Australia

In Australia the states of Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, the state governments have issued licences to grow hemp for industrial use.


Yet hemp seed’s nutrition credentials are excellent, says Dr Trent Watson, an accredited practising dietitian and spokesman for the Dietitans Association of Australia which has been involved in trying to have both hemp seed and hemp seed oil approved for sale as a food in Australia – just as they are in the US, Canada and Europe.

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