Sustainable & Green Living

There are tons of articles out there about sustainable living unfortunately most them do not offer any actionable recommendations people can actually do on a daily basis. 

Sustainable Living

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What is sustainable living

It is the practice of a lifestyle which aims to reduce the usage of nonrenewable of natural resources by reducing our carbon footprint  and water footprint. In general sustainable living significantly reduces costs of living and improves your body’s physical & cognitive performance.

Green Living Principles

At OzHealthy we believe principles can help you dealing with reality and get what you want out of a situation. Below you see a list of concepts and principles on sustainable living

Understanding Sustainable Living

Do and Don’ts of Sustainable Living

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The Benefits of Sustainable Living

Getting into the practice of switching things off when you aren’t using them or finished with them is a significant method to reduce the total amount of energy you’re using, along with knocking a few pennies off the monthly bills. Viability Although the expense of wind energy installation is high, a huge advantage of this kind of energy source is the capacity to conserve money in the long run. You’ll also know the genuine wholesale price of a simple unit. Small steps may lead to big savings. Just like anything it requires money to construct something like a campground, and there’s regulations and ordinances that you must think about. In any event it’s a great way to earn a small amount of extra money. Overall, it’s a remarkable way to earn a very good income, even part time if you just open for business portion of the year.

Sustainability Resources

Here’s a comprehensive list of websites and articles you should check out to get started

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