What is a Taco

Tacos are a small tortilla (classic corn) with a stuffing. The stuffing of taco can be beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and cheese, supplemented with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. Tortilla in this case acts as a plate.

First of all, for good tacos, you need real corn tortilla. It is difficult to cook tortilla at home because corn must undergo special training – Nixtamalization. It is a process in which some important chemical changes occur in the grains. Then the corn is ground into a paste, from which tortillas are subsequently made.

Inside the tortillas, you can put anything you want. In Mexico, they put even the simplest soft cheese, meat, and baked cabbage. Tacos typically served with a traditional Mexican sauce, the preparation of which is diverse: the most popular is Salsa Roja (red sauce), Salsa Verde (Green Sauce) with coriander and mint, and also Salsa Cruda (from freshly cut tomatoes).

(H2)Can I improvise with the ingredients?

(P)Of course, with recipes, it is always possible and necessary to improvise. For example, you can put anything you like between two buns and call it a burger, the same with tacos. If you have a tortilla, then you can do whatever you want with it. Yes, there are traditional recipes, but each chef reinterprets them and implements them in a new way. In general, people on different continents have very different ideas about the preparation of this product. All of them are beautiful in their way.

Type of Tacos

Authentically, the Mexican recipe can be considered tacos with barbacoa (a method of cooking lamb at low temperatures).

In the original recipe, the lamb is smeared with adobo (chili paste) and baked for a long time in an earthen pit covered with agave leaves. Depending on the desired result, the number of hours of preparation varies.


Another traditional recipe is pork carnitas tacos. For this recipe, pork is fried in fat with the addition of oranges and spices. If you come to the Mexican market, you will see a large vat with pork fat, where meat is fried for tacos.

Tacos Al Pastor

One of the most famous variations is the tacos al pastor. This recipe appeared in a process of mixing two cultures after a large influx of Lebanese immigrants into South America. Pork for tacos al pastor is cut off from a skewer, as well-known shawarma, and baked pineapple is placed on top. Salsa is served separately – you can add any of them to the dish.

How to make tacos

1. Using cooking oil (corn) cook ground meat until well done, breaking up meat as you cook.

2. When done drain meat of excess liquid into a metal container. Add a cup of water to taco seasoning, dissolve somewhat and mix into meat and allow simmer. 3. Put taco shells into oven on low heat, this is just to heat up shell in order to serve.

4. Set up other ingredients for do it yourself taco bar.

5. Serve hot taco filling in bowl.

6. Set out taco shells

7. Put lettuce, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, olives into separate bowls. Also include containers of salsa and sour cream and guacamole.

Source: Learn to Cook

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