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A mouse is one of the essential elements we use on a daily basis with our computers, it has been around since the operating systems came with graphical interfaces, and have perfectly resisted even the rise of touchscreens. There’s nothing like the tact and immediacy of a mouse’s movements versus other alternatives. We have seen all kinds of ball, laser, ergonomic, trackball.

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What is a vertical mouse?

A vertical mouse is a new alternative that is undoubtedly one of the healthiest for our joints and muscles because it switches the old school horizontal grip for a vertical one improving your posture and muscles interaction.

Are vertical mice good for gaming?

Yes, they are more confortable than regular mice

This sort of mouse is slowly gaining followers but needs some acclimatization to its use for the radical of its proposal and that’s the aim of this article


Vertical mice are designed aiming to help users to distribute pressure exerted on his wrist, on a way the forearm and shoulder are responsible for providing the movement of the mouse. In other words, we are talking about an innovative design that allows the hand to relax, especially the wrist, and the twisting of the forearm is avoided, diminishing all the uncomfortable ones of a bad position.

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Knowing this key aspect of this product, what comes now is to know the benefits that it presents us with its continuous use.

  • It minimises all convalescence and diseases related to prolonged poor posture, such is the case of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It helps you to adopt natural postures
  • It keeps your muscles relaxed.
  • It prevents pronation – Pronation of the hand and wrist tightens the joint space of the two forearm bones
  • It keeps the wrist in a neutral position and makes your larger muscles move it instead of the wrist


Most vertical mice offer a pretty good sense of physical ease, which prevents potential injuries and discomfort. Comfort is a huge  differentiator for ergonomic and vertical mice compared to regular or “non-ergonomic” mice

For Developers

A mouse is one of the most important tools for a developer/programmer.  Most devs need to use a mouse on a daily basis to be able to perform general tasks like project planning, answering emails, surfing for what that cryptic error message means, etc.

Due to the number of hours developers spend working with their computer, devs need to use a  reliable mouse to go along with their keyboard.

Main features a developer should consider when getting a vertical mouse:

  • Ergonomics and ComfortWired vs Wireless
  • Adjustable DPI/Sensitivity
  • Extra Buttons
  • The Scroll Wheel

For Gamers

These vertical mice have evolved to stand out in all the aspects that participate, such as the Mouse Gamers cases, which are designed to provide a better gaming experience for the users, offering a better ergonomics to all the casual and professional players that They need to take care of their health. Undoubtedly an aspect that is highly appreciated to companies engaged in this field.

The precision of the pointer

Everything that has been mentioned so far seems promising, but it has a small detail, for its same design that provides ergonomics in dreams also makes it a bit more difficult for the laser or optical precision, in other words controlling the pointer will be a little more uncomfortable Of course this will only be at the beginning, everything is a matter of getting used to its use.

Hand Health

Nowadays most of us have to work on a computer all day long in some instances for more than 50 hours a week. The main problem of using a computer for your hands is repetition – it causes issues for your fingers, wrist and forearm and permanent injuries like carpal tunnel.

It is important for all of us to protect our hands and prevent potential injuries that would negatively impact our lives.

Things to consider when using a vertical mouse to protect your hands and prevent injuries:

  • Take 5 to 10 mins break every 2 hours
  • Stretch your muscles
  • Lay your forearm on a flat surface.
  • Lay your wrist and palm on a flat surface.

Popular Brands

  1. Evoluent – Evoluent is a US company founded by Jack Lo in 2001 due to the discomfort he had when using a conventional mouse
  2. Anker
  3. Logitech
  4. Sharkk

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